Thursday, August 01, 2002

YOU'RE LOOKING FOR THE NEW KYLIE - YOU MIGHT GET THE NEW MAGGIE: Grundig have assured the Electoral Commission that they don't own rights to the name MP3, and so the MP3 party has been allowed to register itself as proper political party. Their leader Ruslan Fedorovsky suggests that MP3 users are already his constiuency; the party has simplification at its heart and believes its name will also make it incredibly attractive to young people. It's true, of course, that MP3 is a sexy term at the moment, and so using it for party name is a bit like calling yourself the Party Party. And the concept of broadband throughout the UK is one that it would be churlish to object to. But beyond the glitz, what the MP3 Party actually seems to have is a really nasty Libertarian right-wing programme. Aiming to knock out laws (to rid the body politic of 'complications'), they propose dumping prisoners in Russia and bringing back the death penalty ("especially for murder of children.") Populist, certainly - let's just hope they're never popular...
Official site - gotta love the audiobooksforfree URL

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