Monday, September 23, 2002

COMMERCIAL BREAK: The Sunday Times rightly described Elvis Costello as one of this nation's greatest artists, and delighted their readership by giving away a free CD of the great man. But why, then, did the advert celebrating this event choose to soundtrack itself with the snoozesome sounds of the Stereophonics rather than a spot of Elvis C? Like trying to drum up attendance at the Louvre by giving out postcards with Jordan on them, surely?
Talking of ads... we know its not the first commercial he's done, but are we the only people surprised at seeing Jarvis hanging from a lamp-post in the new BT Broadband advert? (We should point out Jarvis Cocker isn't replicating Benito Mussolini's last act, but actually dangling from the standard.) Since he's notoriously careful about where he puts his feet, we're wondering if he signed up to promote the wonders of big-pipe downloads as a way of waggling his arse at the major labels - Pulp now without a deal, and the good people at former home Vivendi-Universal known to be less than keen on the delights of unfettered high-speed access?

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