Thursday, September 05, 2002

CORRIE ZEITGEIST-BY-ACCIDENT: So, clearly, of course, the Duckworth's house has never been a rectory, old or otherwise, and the building where the tallest doctor in soap upped Tracy Shaw's duff is in no way Balmoral. And yet, over in real life Manchester, a building has been given a snizzy sounding name without having any connection with the title it now bears.
That the Hacienda had to close is probably inarguable - no club can be a constant, what with each generation wanting to make its own mark and the tendency of people with drugs to eventually turn any oasis of sanity into a seedy, gun filled moronhole. But you can understand the bitter laughter floating through the city at the news that the horrible, overpriced flats (half a mill for a tenement with better PR, anyone?) being flung up on the site of Fac51 are being given the Hacienda name. Maybe there's a lesson there, that the rallying cry for anyone on the outside will eventually be repackaged as a brand beyond your own means, but it still feels like a hell of a slap - like naming your dogs after someone else's heroes you fed to them.
Dave Haslam brave enough to refuse to live in expensive house on principle [SocietyGuardian] - plans to turn Factory Cat into country get-away strenuously denied

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