Tuesday, September 24, 2002

COSTINGS: The BPI have welcomed the report from the Office of Fair Trading - a dossier, if you will - that says, you know, CDs aren't really all that more expensive in the UK than they are in Europe. The BPI furnish the BBC with figures that 'prove' CDs have become cheaper - the average price now being £10.65 as against £11.22, which is something to be mildly pleased about - although why the record companies would claim credit for a situation largely brought about by the Permanent 3 for 2 offers in the highstreet and downward pressure on prices from Internet retailers we're not sure; still, at this rate, in a couple of years the false price leap engineered by the labels when CDs came in may finally be corrected.
But anyway - although the differentials have shrunk between Britain and Europe, that's not really the main point, is it? Prices between Europe and America are still grossly out of whack. Take, for just one example, that there Pink album. In germany, amazon.de offers it at EUR14.99, while in the UK amazon.co.uk asks slightly less, GBP9-99. However, customers in America can buy the thing for USD13-49, the equivalent of GBP8-66 or EUR13.74. So, yes, good that the disparity in the EU has started to be addressed, but if all it means is everyone this side of Greenland is being overcharged by the same amount, you'll forgive me for not applauding, won't you?

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