Monday, September 02, 2002

MTV, TOO: Other cynical bastard (and, therefore, fun) coverage of MTV's Music video awards at:
Fluxblog - Pink proclaims onstage that she's "too drunk for this", and looks like she's going to pass out. Pink makes 1995-era Courtney Love seem really with-it and lucid.
I Know My First Name Is Jim - plus, butt cleavage. I'm now a Pink fan
Listentomemissy - Biker Slut Britney
Vain, selfish and lazy - funny she introduces pink since the tag 'singer/song-writer' as applied to jennifer love hewitt made me think of pink mentor linda perry. no i don't know why either...
Dilletantism - where's Jarvis Cocker when you need him?
New York London Paris Munich - back to 1984
Oh... and this is Pink...

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