Tuesday, September 24, 2002

NOW, THIS SEEMS A BIT MORE LIKE IT: Yahoo are reporting that Warners and Rio have linked up to make "one thousand album's worth" of stuff available as a buck-a-shot downloads. A la carte, via Rio partners like MTV.com rather than in a confusing, bundled deal through a separate site - this could actually be the first major download scheme that is designed to work rather than being built to fail. We'll wait to see the system in full, though - Yahoo's promise of acts including "Green Day, Enya and Sugar Ray" is hardly giving us the honey-pot-happys right now, and "starting at 99 cents" is slightly ominous - ninety nine cents still seeming a little on the high side (these are old tracks, this is meant to be fighting "free" downloads, three tracks for £1-99 is standard price in the UK) - and it may not be available in the New Home of the Internet, Europe. But there are always glitches.

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