Friday, September 06, 2002

UNIVERSAL PRAISE: Now, let's say something nice about the major labels - let's praise Universal's bravery. Bravery, indeed, because as soon as the tabloids come across their new signings Busted and their soon to be released single What I Go To School For, their press office is going to be beseiged.
For those of you yet to come across it, this track is sung by a bunch of schoolboys, and it details the only reason they go to school - one nubile teacher who, they are convinced, is as deeply in love with them as they are with her. So, when her boyfriend goes "away", they call round at her house, and schoolboy fantasies ensue. The video rams this point home by having the uniform-clad lad leering through her letterbox and receiving spankings from the teacher that we suspect aren't meant to help focus their minds on their Latin homework.
Of course, it's hugely brave of Universal to release this now - because the other option would be that they've been so stupid as to not think through the consequences of releasing a single that encourages kids to call round to their teachers homes following a year which has seen the Amy Gehring case, Soham and the meltdown of the criminal records bureau as they attempt to process background checks on people working with kids; we're assuming they intend to make a heavy-handed and ill-considered satirical point rather than having spectacularly misjudged the mood of the nation.

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