Thursday, September 26, 2002

WHAT ABOUT A SKULL AND CROSSBONES AND... HANG ON: The International Federation of Phonographic Industries (IFPI) have spent thirty minutes with a box of crayolas and come up with this:

(Try here if that doesn't show up. Anyone guess what it is? Nope, not PacMan - Cannibal Edition. Nor is it a symbol designed to be displayed on CDs of artists forced into an abortion by their management. In fact, it's the new international symbol to show that theCD-shaped thing in the CD case isn't actually a CD at all, but a copy-protected bastardisation that, chances are, won't play on the equipment you want it to. It's kind of the equivalent of "Parental Advisory", only with "Consumer Advisory:This CD doesn't actually work properly" on it instead.
Anyone fancy scampering down to Tower with a collection of "Also available on BearShare" stickers?
FOOTNOTE: This appeared on No Rock yesterday, but we were having trouble and took it down to see if it was this post's fault... so the stuff that follows is fresh...

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