Tuesday, October 01, 2002

BLIMEY - IT ACTUALLY WORKS: We thought sitting here being snippy about under-performing wastes of vinyl was merely cathartic, but Hear'Say - in their valedictory interview with The Sun tell us that it actually works. The now-defunct band whine "they're tired of getting abuse from the public, which makes their lives "hell".:
Hmmm, the odd spot of snark and some people not liking you - who knew that popstars had to undergo that, eh? The thing is, this exposes the problem in flinging together bands and acts as a side-business to TV game shows: it's like buying cheap furniture - you get what you pay for, and what you're paying for isn't a group of people hungry for fame, determined to make music, desperate to sing to people. Those people don't use shortcuts like PopStars, as they'll have been out with guitars and tamborines since they were fourteen; those people don't get all flustered when someone goes "boo" when they walk on stage, as having a proper career arc would have toughened them up - you can cope better with rejection when an entire room has emptied when you've come on stage a few times.
Hear'Say, basically, won fame rather than worked for it, and they've treated it pretty much like Viv Nicholson handled her pools win - easy come, easy go. Roy Castle - a man who knew a thing or too about working your way up - used to observe that Dedication was what you needed. Without that, and getting your hands calloused on the way up, it's clear that you ain't gonna last long at the top.
Two months ago we were held up by a gunman and the next day people thought we had made it up as a publicity stunt.
"What kind of people think we would make that up?" wails Danny. Danny, sweetheart - you're popstars. Popstars pretend to be in love with Chris Evans, or Rod Stewart's ex, or that their bosses forced them to abort Robbie Williams Jr; or else the tabloids make up claims they've cut their dog's vocal chords or do it six times a night, or eight hours at a throw. Why should we believe you just because you've been on telly? It's probably best you give it up now.
Who knew, eh? There's no substitute for graft after all.

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