Friday, October 18, 2002

Brown Sauce

While John Squire murmurs that a Roses reunion has the sort of historic inevitability that the electrification of the Soviet Union once claimed, Ian Brown, talking to the Times reckons it won't happen.

“I can’t see a day when the Roses would reform. I think every band has its own lifespan and we had ours, and if we blew it, too bad. I don’t believe we should be given a second shot. I think most bands only re-form for the money, don’t they?"

It's a bit of a pity he didn't think that way before the second album, isn't it? However, if Brown's so sure that the Roses have gone, how come later in the same interview he says this?
"I still see Mani (Gary Mounfield, the Stone Roses’ bassist, now in Primal Scream). I kept in touch with Reni (Alan Wren, drummer), but I’ve not spoken to him for about a year. We had a bit of a fall-out last year. I mean, I have talked to them about doing more Roses shows but at the moment, everyone would be travelling separately and that’s not what the Roses were about.”

So, then - even although the band's in the past, they've still been talking about a resurrection. Maybe Brown's finding the monkeys outside the house are eating away at his equity...?

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