Tuesday, October 29, 2002

DAVID VAN BRENT: Hats off to David Van Day, living proof that you can't kept a stupid man down. Last Christmas, plucky David fought promoters who tried not to pay him for his part in what they said was a substandard line-up; this weekend, he organised a charity event which involved a group of masked men storming the hotel, firing fake-but-realistic guns, in order to take a member of the crowd "hostage" for a hi-jinks style raising of a ransom.
David Van Day claims ""I had been busy organising the evening and had no idea so many people had died. The idea was to kidnap Robbie and for bids to be made for him to be released." Now, while it is possible that his Saturday had been taken up with buying toy guns and gaffer tape, not knowing the Moscow Theatre Seige had eneded so badly (or, to keep the Junior Tebbits at biased bbc happy, in such a glowing victory for the war against terrorism (and theatre going)) is fair enough. But does this mean that Van Day thinks that it would have been appropriate if it had merely been 800 people being forced to piss and shit in an orchestra pit by shady people with massive bombs strapped to their bellies instead?
Thanks to Morag for bringing this to us.

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