Friday, October 04, 2002

I AM BONO, HEAR MY ROAR: Ananova is reporting the top ten of Q's most powerful people in music list, which it reckons stacks up as follows:
1. Bono
2. Doug Morris, Head of Universal Music
3. Eminem
4. L Lowry Mays, Founder and head of American media company Clear Channel
5. Kurt Cobain
6. Thom Yorke
7. Lyor Cohen, President/CEO of Island Def Jam
8. Clive Calder: The head of Zomba music
9. Sir Paul McCartney & Yoko Ono
10. Simon Fuller.
Rrrright... so, um, Kurt being dead hasn't stopped him exerting influence, but Lennon has to be represented by his executor? That isn't in any way contradictory, is it? And how can Eminem - a here today and, if we might say, a gone tomorrow artist - already be deemed more influential than the head of Clear Channel, who has strangled all the individuality out of the American music world and is about to start on the British. Clive Calder hasn't really done anything since Britney, and since he's sold Zomba anyway (to BMG who snorted that they've paid too much) he surely belongs in the 'lucky' list rather than important. Nobody from AOL Time Warner? And... Bono at number one?
Apparenty, it's because he has the ear of World Leaders. Now, we don't buy that anyway - the fact he'll take part in a photo op for George Bush doesn't smack of influence so much as ingenue-ity - but even if he did: why does this make him a powerful person in the music industry? Let's face it, Bono's attempts to nurture talent have come to nowt - Cactus World News, where are you now? - and the main impact U2 have had on the music industry is to strangle the Irish music scene to death, casting a shadow in which other, non-pompous bands, have had to fight to get attention.

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