Friday, October 11, 2002

I CAN HEAR YOU MOVE: Now, we have to say we're confused about this story. Ian Brown's decided to sell his holiday home in Wales for GBP150,000; and the locals have dressed up as monkeys to protest outside. So, after years of taking action against English in-comers buying up houses in Wales and barely spending any time there (hence Not the Nine O'Clock New's 'come home to a real fire - buy a cottage in Wales' spoof), they're now protesting against English out-goers.
The monkey protesters say that the price of the house is treble the average price of property in the area and "practically guarantees" the house will be sold to someone from elsewhere. Fair enough, but we're assuming that Brown's holiday home is going to be slightly more swish than the average house in the area, and so he's probably only looking for market rate - and he can't be blamed for the stupidity of property prices right now. And surely by selling the house there's slightly more chance of someone from the area being able to live there than when it's the occasional stepping off point for a distant rock star?
Anyway, we have to say: if we went to look at a house on the market and there were monkey-men outside, we'd be prepared to offer an extra GBP10,000 on top.

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