Wednesday, October 16, 2002

IT'S ALL FOR YOU: It's nice of Jim Moir to thank the tabloids, and to suggest that their supportive stories was better than "a motorway's worth of poster advertising", but before Yelland and Morgan start to circulate the praise, they may want to sit down and think exactly what that would amount to, since, erm, there's no poster advertising allowed by the side of motorways.
Nevertheless, we're currently enjoying the Radio 2 TV campaign, based on the "treat it like a friend" slogan. It shows people doing exactly that - so a nonplussed Stuart Maconie is instructed to wait in line for tickets while someone nips off for popcorn, Terry Wogan gets asked to refill a window cleaner's bucket, and so on. We'd like to volunteer for a slot where someone gets drunk and makes an awkward fumble towards Jeremy Vine for when he joins.

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