Thursday, October 10, 2002

STRAIGHT UP: What the hell is going on at Garlands these days? We're not referring to the still-mysterious squirting of barbecue gel through the air conditioning and related fire, but the direction the promotion for the club seems to be taking.
First up, the supposedly gay night used a poster campaign depicting a woman dressed as a schoolie being caned by a male teacher. Now, their posters have the face of Scouse Gonk Lennon all over them. Is this what the queer dance place is reduced? So desperate to get punters into their new home (the arthritic State in Dale Street) that sub-paedo titilation and hoary rock icons are the order of the day?
Its bad enough when the airport feels the need of Lennon to prop it up, but when your biggest disco is relying on Yoko's bitch, you know you're in a city that's got currency problems.

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