Monday, October 07, 2002

TOM JONES AT THE FRONT: As usually happens, the indie sector has been the first to actually work out which way the future lies, as AIM have cut a deal on behalf of the UK independent labels which could be the way forward for Internet Radio. While the US system gets further bogged down, anyone with an internet radio station anywhere in the world is now able to sign up to a royalty rate linked to the station's profitability rather than a standard cost; in return for the payment, stuff from acts as diverse as Tom Jones, Badly Drawn Boy and Oakenfold will be available to the broadcasters. There's more than this on BBC online, but be warned that the top picture does make it appear as if the agreement is going to lead to giant clones of Badly Drawn Boy attacking Jools Holland - not a bad thing in itself, we reckon, but it might give you nightmares.

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