Thursday, October 03, 2002

WOULD THAT IT WERE: We really do wish that - as The Minor Fall, The Major Lift suggests - a duet between Craig David and Sting would mark the end of Craig David, but sadly, it probably won't. Sting is the cockroach of pop, somehow managing to survive into the future that has no place for him, getting involved in all manner of projects that should kill him off, once and for all, only getting stronger and larger and blonder the whole time. Jesus, the old hypocrite got away with advertising a gas-guzzling car full of wood and driven along by the combustion of the tears of small children, and he still gets mistaken for someone who "cares".
UB40 are another case in point - we tuned in to Buzzcocks on Monday, fully expecting to see the last remnants of their dignity getting shredded, woven into sackcloth clothes, and then sold back to them. Instead, the brothers Campbell came across as well-meaning and warm, and people in this office were talking about how wonderful the band are as a result. And not just the ones who like the Beautiful South.
Robin Campbell, of course, was asked recently about Top of the Pops, and he said "The dressing rooms are like the ones used in restart scheme interviews, but without the defence cages." Excuse me? When were you last in an employment services office, Robin? Surely back when they were still painted orange outside; certainly not since Restart interviews have come in. Actually, come to that - when did you last see a Top of the Pops dressing room?

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