Tuesday, November 05, 2002

AND WHILE WE'VE GOT OUR BRIEFS ON: With all the John Leslie business over at Popbitch, we're wondering if everyone's third-favourite pop mailout is on shakier ground than it thinks. See, back when it had its first major legal run-in, it could claim that it was just a dumb pipe. But now it's got a very public series of editors, deletions and automatic blanking out of names, it could be argued that anything that doesn't get wiped is, by implication, being endorsed by Popdog. We're kind of assuming that they had a stronger legal position when the place was more chock full of libel, ironically enough.
By the way, did anyone see XFM breakfast gimp Christian O'Connell's My media in the Guardian yesterday - he's a "big fan" of the Internet - presumably he's on the terraces every week cheering it on - but he says he can't wait for Thursdays when Popbitch comes round. Now, if he's such a big fan of the web - chanting "there's only one Berners-Lee" how come he doesn't spend his time like every other feckless London tosser on ver Bitch all day everyday?

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