Friday, November 08, 2002

AUTO DA FEY: You'll already be aware, of course, of the Auto festival, the event at Rotherham's Magma steel museum on December 14th. You'll know it'll be the last chance to see Pulp perhaps for a long time, perhaps forever. But what you might not have grasped is the rest of the line-up: Röyksopp, Lemon Jelly, LFO, Four Tet, The Bees, Baxter Dury, James Yorkston, The Kills, Zongamin, Jamie Lidell, Chris Coco, Piano Magic, Trevor Jackson, Capitol K & Leafcutter John, Optimo, Annie & Timo, Bjorn Torske, SchneiderTM, I-Monster, Erlend Oye, Asleep At The Wheel, Tony Morley, John Peel, Quixote visuals and Warp Films & DJs.

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