Friday, November 08, 2002

THIS JUST IN: The Sydney coroner has launched a scathing attack on Fred Durst for his part in the death of one of the audience at the Big Day Out:
Ananova reports: "The Sydney coroner said the band should have stopped the performance once they became aware of crushing in the crowd.
She added that lead singer Fred Durst should have acted more responsibly.
Ms Milledge accused Durst of using language that was "inflammatory and indeed insulting to the security staff who were engaged in their best efforts to extricate crucially injured patrons from the crowd collapse."

Durst's response has been to say that he "No one is a winner in a court case where a young girl has lost her life. When the industry is properly regulated I look forward to bringing the Limp Bizkit band back to Australia."
Well, Fred, there generally isn't a winner in any inquest, is there - you seem to be confusing a judicial inquiry into the cause of death with, say, suing someone over who wrote the guitar riff to a tune. And how come you've not made any attempt to engage with the personal criticism levelled at you? It's a bit rich to try and suggest the problem is that industry isn't properly regulated when the coroner has singled you out for "inflammatory" behaviour. And why have you still not answered one of the key questions - if you were concerned about the safety of the event before you took to the stage, why did you not stop the gig as soon as there were problems? In short, did you value your image (and not wanting to look 'uncool' and 'square') over the life of one of your own fans?

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