Tuesday, November 05, 2002

MONKEY BUSINESS: Again, we must tip our hat to Media Monkey for this: "The long-running feud between Smashy and Nicey, sorry, Tony Blackburn and John Peel, shows no sign of easing up just yet. Peely, you remember, once compared Blackburn to the anti-Christ. "Everything he liked and believed in, I disliked and didn't believe in." Not fair, moaned Tone. "He's always sniped and me and I don't understand why," the DJ said of Peel. "I wrote him an email last year saying, 'After 38 years isn't it time you stopped having a go at me? What have I done to upset you?'" Peel has also described his rival DJ as "weird." Now it's Blackburn on the offensive again in this week's Radio Times. "I find him immensely irritating, but I've never had a fist fight with him," he declares. "I never hit old men." Steady on, Smashy! Peely, now it's over to you...

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