Monday, November 04, 2002

OOH, I'M SCARED: The Marilyn Manson edition of Tonight with Jay Leno aired in the UK on CNBC last night (I'm assuming it went out sometime last week in the States.) Leno was clearly uncomfotable, unsettled, and unwilling to participate in an intercourse with someone who uses the context of an entertainment act to challenge his dearest values. But enough about the Bill Maher slot, he then had to bring Marilyn on. And then he was a lot more relaxed, chatting as if with a country club buddy. I think it says it all about Manson that Leno is more at home with him than a fellow TV show host. Extra amusement came when Leno asked Manson about the Playboy with Rose McGowan in. Although he tried to brazen it out, Mazza reminded us of nobody so much as the guy in the League of Gentleman reduced to wandering round offering crisps and nuts at his wife's swinging parties. Manson fluffed his defence - meant to be something about not needing to hide wanking over the magazine - and did the goth equivalent of standing in the kitchen saying "Its alright... it's alright... it's alright."

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