Sunday, November 03, 2002

POSH PLOT: Despite what the CNN headline says, Kidnap plot: Beckham wife stunned, they didn't actually get as far as stunning her. Apparently the idea was to drug her so she'd be disorientated and uncertain of where she was - looking at the videos, it's clear this would be similar to the state she's in when she's recording music - and then hold her hostage in Brixton until David Beckham gave the kidnap gang of four desperate men five million pounds. I have to be honest that this kidnap plot is getting muddled up in my mind with the Spice Girl reunion rumours, whereby she'll be put in a TV studio with four desperate women, but not until someone gives her five million pounds.
Obviosuly Victoria is upset, but we'd imagine that what really disturbs her is the coverage - to make the coverage of the story worthwhile, half the world's press are sticking to calling Victoria "Posh Spice" and the other half "David Beckham's wife; once better known as Posh Spice." Honestly... does nobody recall that song with Dane Bowers? Still, good news for Madonna that the solo career has already been consigned to the wiped tape of collective forgetfulness. It'll stop people pointing out that her Bond Theme video is little more than a reworking of the Not Such An Innocent Girl video.

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