Thursday, December 12, 2002

Now we don't encourage this sort of thing

And much as we hate Moby and his smug little attitude, we don't condone the rather odd attack on him in Boston. It's a terrible thing to happen to anyone. Especially since it results in journal entries like this. Stop being so understanding...

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Anonymous said...

Aw, he's always seemed rather cute and harmless to me. Like he'd make a good pet if nothing else.

Wow, I hadn't heard about that..more appalling than Eminem sending a couple members of his posse after Moby at an MTV Video Awards (because nothing says "hardcore badass" like having your lackeys beat up a 90-pound dripping wet Christian pacifist).

His attitude about the whole thing is pretty damn impressive from a purely moral standpoint, though. Wanting revenge is common, easy and all-too human...actually walking the walk of Christianity with all the hippie forgiveness and whatnot, damn.

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