Thursday, January 30, 2003

But this doesn't make any difference, Pete

"Pete Townshend says he can prove he isn't a paedophile" announced six music news, subtly ignoring the important fact that you can't - as Baghdad may or may not be demonstrating - prove a negative. Of course, what Pete's website actually says is that he believes he can now prove that he wrote to the Internet Watch Foundation last year. This is insignificant - firstly, his initial contact is claimed for August 2002, well after the first arrests of kiddie porn users were being announced, and years after he claims he started downloading child porn.

More importantly, Pete Townshend isn't being accused by anybody of being a paedophile; the criminal act in question is of downloading child porn. He's admitted himself he paid to see child porn - there's room for debate over his motives, and if what he looked at should be illegal - but lets not pretend that telling the police you've stolen some fags means that you haven't broken the law.

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