Thursday, January 16, 2003

Cox off

Most of the tabs this morning have picked up the news that Sara Cox is planning to take up the clause in her Radio One contract which will allow her to move to a different slot on the network from next year. That must really delight the management there - we've got a year of speculation about who's next for the - what is it? - third most popular? breakfast show; while they're going to have to try and find a slot for their expensively signed - ahem - talent. It's hard to say which problem is going to be more tricksy. It's impossible to draw up a list of likely names to take over with a straight face - Danni Behr? Moyles? Blackburn? - or imagine a show where Cox's style would be an improvement on the incumbent. And with the BBC about to be put under scrutiny on its general handling of public cash, there might be questions to be asked as how they managed to cut a deal giving someone loads of money to do the breakfast show for three years, without it actually committing her to do the breakfast show for that time.

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