Monday, January 27, 2003

The Sunday Telegraph - the world's leading rock weekly

I don't know if it ever caused him a moment's pause, but isn't there something delicious in Noel Gallagher giving an interview to the Sunday Telegraph? It's probably the last audience in the world where the tired antics of the Indie Monkeys seem in any way like a challenge to authority.

Highlights include the considered attack on Kylie ("I don't understand why people buy her fuckin' records. Because they're shit." said the Ken Tynan of our day); the entire record industry ('It's them dressing up Christina Aguilera so she looks like some fuckin' tart from fuckin' Newcastle" - yes, the only person who looks worse than Christina is the mother of your kid, Noel, with her naked in fluffy shoes Elle shoot) and much more besides.

Liam, for example, is tellingly described as "... just staring blankly 'cos he hasn't got anything to say."

He's obviously the (limited) brains behind Oasis, and you have to admire his self-belief, I suppose (grudgingly). But still - dining out on past glories with nothing left to say. It's an unedifying sight.

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