Friday, January 10, 2003

We might have guessed - it's all the BBC's fault

Of course, we're all a bit worried about the stupid "we love our guns" nature of some music, but blaiming gangsta rap for The Gun Culture(TM) is on a par with blaming EastEnders for skinhead violence because it's got a bald bloke who punches people in it. Not that that's stopped the fantastically misinformed Neil Fraser leaping on the bandwagon, saying that everytime "a black youth" is killed in a gun crime, Radio One should share some of the blame because of all that rap music they play, and why don't they play reggae instead, or some nice lover's rock instead of all this loud music about guns?

NB: Mr. Fraser's label, Ariwa, releases reggae and nice lover's rock records. Any suspiscion that his attack might be fuelled more by reggae shows being squeezed out to make room for more "street" sounds would, of course, be uncharitable.
He also seems to think that "BBC 1 Extra" (sic) "has several programmes that encourage gun violence", which is overstating the case wildly. 1xtra may play some music without thinking through its message - we've had problems with the casual dropping of homophobia into the mix ourselves - but to suggest that it carries shows like "Why not shoot someone tonight?" and "Carry a gun - it's cool" is just ridiculous.

Oh, and if it's all about gangsta rap, why are most of the people involved in plastic gangster gun incidents in Liverpool thick white people?

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