Tuesday, February 11, 2003

'I suppose I'd better get round to saying something, then'

'I SUPPOSE I'D BETTER GET ROUND TO SAYING SOMETHING, THEN': Roger Daltrey has strolled up to the support of his bandmate Peter Townshend. Barely weeks after the story first broke, Daltrey has helped out by raking over the ashes and making the whole thing, which had started to die down, return to the headlines again.

Pete must be drafting the 'thank you' card now - "Cheers for reminding everyone that I paid money to a kiddie porn site, Rog; choosing the middle of the furore of 'Is jacko a kiddie-tickler' to make your move has really helped me."

Interestingly, Roger says this is the worst thing he's ever had to deal with - which must piss off Entwistle that 'bloke admits to downloading porn' is harder to cope with than 'friend dies shagging hooker while on massive coke binge' a bit, and then says that "the least police and our society owes Townshend is to make [his case] a priority and get it dealt with as quickly as possible."

It's not quite clear why we, as a society, owe Townshend this speedy treatment. Since Pete says he wasn't doing anything wrong, why should the prospect of going to court cause him any worry? And if he hates child porn with all the passion he claims, wouldn't he rather than devoting their attention to his case, the police prioritised instead the investigations into the other names on their list of kiddie porn subscribers?

After all, it took Mr T several years from punching in his credit card details and looking at the pictures of naked kids to get round to telling the police about the shocking discovery - why should the police suddenly start to get a wriggle on now?

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