Thursday, February 13, 2003

No Booty, No Belly, No Boobs

NO BOOTY, NO BELLY, NO BOOBS: We're working with Avril Lavigne to smarten up and sauce down the way girls dress in this here modern age - we hope that by allowing Avril to show how her firm and proud insistence that she won't wear clothes designed to show her off tits, ass or tummy, we may even one day live in a world where it's not neccessary to force Courtney to wear a massive duck costume to stop her waving her curious innards at us.

Thanks, then, to Alan Connor of the mighty theFridayThing (make sure you use, and not .com) who has brought these to our attention:

Yes - it's a timepiece with Avril's lovely face on it, to make sure that you're never L8 (see?). And absolutely no way could you argue that that's a girl using foundation garments and a strategic piece of neckwear to boost her assets, could you?

Again, again, again.

Those of you curious as to why Avril isn't going to fall in with that skanky ho dressing party, but is happy to use a lot of slap every day, may like to consider the unalloyed avril to come up with a short list of reasons.

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