Tuesday, March 18, 2003

RIAA THROWS WEIGHT AROUND. AGAIN: Hey, CEO - what are you doing? Fretting over how to keep your company going while shares tank? Planning for what to do if a huge dirty bomb knocks out your head office? Ensuring your staff are happy and enthusiastic? Forget that shit, man - the RIAA wants you to ensure your workers aren't - yes - stealing music. The latest threatening letter from Rosen and her buddys has been sent out to companies with computers, and has resulted in a lot of big businesses getting a bit pissed with the tactics. The Information Technology Association of America has slammed the idea that businesses should be piddling about "chasing half a dozen employees who like to trade old Rolling Stones songs." Oddly, the Association reckons that copyright owners can "collect up to USD150,000 per song copied" - really? They're really claiming they'd charge, say, a healthcare company a million dollars or so if they found four Beatles songs and a full ELO ep on a machine in their offices? Why don't the RIAA just go the whole hog and send fat men in suits to smash stuff in offices grunting a warning "if we find so much as a men without hats MP3 here next time, we won't be so careful with what we destory... capiche?" Bullies.

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