Sunday, March 09, 2003

STRAIGHT UP?: The funny thing about Will Young's claims he was told to Not be Gay for the US is that it's not like Will Young actually has any sexuality at all - after all, his version of Light My Fire was so desexualised that rather than being a call for a partner to unleash hidden internal passions, it really did come across like a neighbour asking for help with a briquette shortage at barbecue time. With most artists, of course, it wouldn't work merely adopting the don't ask, don't tell line - even Bob Mould it was just obvious, wasn't it? - but Will should be offended not because he's been asked, but ashamed because it would work.
Will's also said recently that the edge was taken off his Brits victory because people were booing when he picked it up (apparently, the booing was drowned out by canned laughter - sorry, applause - before the show was broadcast). This suggests that maybe the Brits audience weren'ty quite as lame as they appeared on TV, then.

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