Sunday, March 09, 2003

UNDERKILL: Eighties retread show Here And Now (winningly so-called to puff the egos of the stars involved into believing they're still relevant) has had its May shows cancelled because of, erm, "uncertainty over the world situation" - never mind what war in Iraq might do to oil prices and the future of the UN, it's now threatening to derail the Pete Burns comeback parade. Surely now Blair must see the folly of his actions?
Seriously, though, how is the likely world situation going to affect Here and Now? We don't imagine venue bookers are saying "well, if you can't guarantee that Carol decker won't be airlifted out to Basra to entertain the troops, we're not signing anything...", and clearly the audience for Elkie Brooks isn't going to be too badly depleted by the first couple of waves of call-up papers being sent out, is it?

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