Saturday, March 29, 2003

WE CANNOT GUARANTEE THE SAFETY OF THE CANOE: Old Trafford - the cricket ground, not the football pitch - has had to pull the Bruce Springsteen gig because councillors are afraid about the disruption it would cause. So, apparently, they can cope in Manchester with the Commonwealth Games being held during a time of massive international tension and threat of terrorism boom-making; they can deal with international football matches and cricket tests; but the thought of fifty thousand middle aged men and women wearing suspisciously clean blue jeans in one place is just too much for them. Maybe the fear is that all fifty thousand might just nip out to call the babysitter at the same time, putting untold strain on the carpark?
Ridiculously, the crowds at Oasis are being cited by licensing authorities as the justification for the ban - do they know the difference between the two audiences?

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