Friday, March 21, 2003

WE'VE HAD LOTS OF LETTERS: Most of which are offering us the chance to loose weight, but amongst them was this, from Alan of the The Friday Thing, on the subject of the that Avril cover:
I got distracted by torturing myself with the thought of the editorial meeting where someone said "No, seriously, fellows: let's put Lavigne on the cover!" to a chorus of approval -- "*that* is *genuinely* subversive"; "yeah - put the wind up the indie boys"; "it's so wrong, it's *right!"; "our research indicates this will spendify more units in this important quarter" and so on. Did you ever watch those sketches in The Armando Ianucci Show where suggestible TV execs would dance around their office singing "we're so good at tell-y"? That was more or less how my dispiriting reverie ended.

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