Tuesday, April 22, 2003

THERE AINT NO PARTY LIKE AN S CLUB RETIREMENT PARTY: We're amused that Newsround think the S Club split is not merely "shocking" but worthy of an exclamation point's worth of shock. Especially since the past S-Club stories on the report page ('We're not splitting' says S Club's Rachel; S Club split rumours are rubbish says Paul; Jo's NOT leaving S Club despite back problems) suggests that the end had received greater pre-publicity than the Millionaire Major show last night (and, to be honest, a certain charming desire to believe the spin of every second-rate pop act that happens down the Newsround way).
What will the world be like without S Club? Apart, of course, from the newly-retitled S Club 8 (Juniors as was) who will presumably carry on grimly flinging their Back To School George range-clad asses about until Operation Ore has all of the only people interested in that sort of thing off the streets.

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