Thursday, April 24, 2003

"WELL, WE CAN'T LOSE MORE THAN WE DID THROWING MONEY AT CAREY AND WILLIAMS": We're quite curious to see more details on EMI's plans to allow Europunters to download, burn and mobilise tracks as soon as they're released to radio for playing (how much they cost, what format we're talking about) but at least this looks like a company who've actually thought about what they're doing - they've twigged that there's a massive missed opportunity between the first play on Sara Cox and the eventual turning up of the records in HMV which encourages file-sharing and are trying to do something positive to stop the hole rather than just sitting around moaning. Plus, it can be seen as a signal that EMI have realised that downloads have very little effect on the sales of CD singles, else doing this would risk the chart entry position. It's a step forward at least...

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