Sunday, April 13, 2003

WE'VE HAD LOTS OF LETTERS: Never let it be said that No Rock silences its critics. Apart from the tiresome ones, of course. We've been contacted by Avril Lavigne - though we suspect 'her' email address [] might suggest it's not actually the real Avril, although we wouldn't put it past her being stupid enough to write a passionate fan's defence of herself under her own name:
Hey toss pot,
One of the salutations built into the mailmerge function of Office 2003, I've been led to believe
the new ballad "I'm With You" is the best Avril song yet, in fact it's a classic! The first two piles of crap were piss poor, as you put it, then again it's a bit like your shite internet site really, isn't it?
erm... in what way? Are you suggesting that No Rock used to be pisspoor and now isn't, or that it always has been pisspoor and now remains pisspoor?
What amuses us, though, is that someone who thought Complicated and Sk8r boi were "piles of crap" and yet is now such a big fan they feel the need to send ill-considered emails in support of the person who, erm, shat them.
Avril's still not a puppet ahe's a songwriter getting a whole lot better, as it happens.
Avril rocks!

Seriously, it's curious how you can imagine Avril is getting better as a songwriter when she's still only released stuff that the Matrix wrote for her. But thanks for your contribution, and your continuing interest in our pisspoor site, um, Avril.

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