Wednesday, May 14, 2003

BRUMMIE AIR: There's a whole heap of applicants wanting to grab the new Birmingham commercial radio licence - ranging from Capital Disney to Kerrang. Most of the focus on the battle is down to the supposed war between Ozzy Osbourne and his son Louis 'no, I wasn't in the show' Osbourne; Louis is involved with the bid from Jump; Ozzy is throwing his weight behind the move to get Virgin Radio an FM slot by this back door. The oz-meister wants Virgin to get the licence because Birmingham is the birthplace of Black Sabbath, so - in some way - he feels it would appropriate to have a rock station there. Why he's therefore supporting Virgin, whose playlist this week consists of Coldplay, Avril, Robbie Williams and so on, rather than Kerrang is anyone's guess. Oh, hang about, we've had a guess - is it because Virgin play old people rock rather than new rock?
To be honest, Jump sounds like a more horific prospect than any of the others - okay, maybe not worse than Capital Disney, but... - "A hybrid mix of modern rock and alternative rhythmic music with news, comedy and info-tainment targeting under-30's." Supported by the ever-declining Cream empire, it appears (so 'alternative rhythmic music' would be dance, then?). No Rock believes that you cannot stab someone who uses the word 'info-tainment' often enough, hard enough, or in a painful enough place; but it shouldn't stop you trying.

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