Wednesday, May 14, 2003

GOOD NEWS FOR PEOPLE WHO FLOG LAGER FROM BAGS: There's def going to be a Leeds Festival of some sort, as Leeds City Council have approved Brammal Park as a location - even if tonight's application for Temple Newsham gets knocked back.
Apparently, Mean Fiddler have got "new, non-combustable" toilets lined up - a major breakthrough in portable toilet technology that sounds more like hope than a guarantee; if not an outright challenge.
What has emerged during the planning meeting is that the new venue has got one small shop nearby, and the nearest supermarket - four miles away - is going to be closed. No Rock is currently forecasting, then, that lads selling cans of lager will be charging two quid per can; and by the middle of Blur's set packets of biscuits will have become an official currency.

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