Monday, May 12, 2003

LEEDS UNITED: Leeds City Council adopt half-hearted, fooling nobody position by saying that even if licences are granted for both their suggested Leeds Festival venues, Mean Fiddler may still decide to not hold a northern leg of the Carling Weekender at all. Now, while this may calm down some residents, the chances of MF going to all this trouble and then saying "... but, actually, we won't really bother" are probably lower than my chances of developing the power of unaided flight before the end of the year. We suspect Leeds Council are merely pre-empting a backlash amongst the residents nearer the likely site of the festival, Bramham Park by suggesting that it may all come to nowt in the long run anyway.
Dawn Hindle, who works the tickets at Red Rhino records in Leeds, suggests "It’s a fantastic thing for Leeds, it’s such a good thing to have here. If you have to go to Reading or Glastonbury, it’s quite a way to travel from the north of England. And it brings a lot into the city. But isn't the lot it brings into the city the problem - the rioters, the arsonists, the police, sons of Labour MPs running amok...

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