Sunday, May 25, 2003

A LITTLE BIT MORE: So, while we're on Eurovision: Tatu's gamble seems to have blown up in their faces, but we're waiting to see how they spin it. But from our perspective, it seems like they've failed. If they'd won, there would have been vindication. If they'd got next-to-nothing, they'd have been able to trot about saying that they'd proved Europeans couldn't cope with the idea of girl love. But to do quite well... that's the worst possible result from their perspective; Europe listened and said "Yeah, it's quite good." They weren't judged to be the best band of the night, but they weren't condemned as being wrong. A middling act.
Meanwhile, still ringing from the first ever zero score for the UK, Gemini have returned to the UK trying to put a brave face on it. The girl from the band was breezing to the BBC that "there's still going to be the single, then the second single, then the album..." We hope that she checked the contract closely.

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