Sunday, May 04, 2003

ONE BIG... WHOOPS: The bad weather (in Manchester? Who could have predicted that?) led to Radio One having to pull the first day of its big weekend, although, unfortunately, nobody seems to have told the Radio One website team which has a shiny site dedicated to events that didn't quite happen. Still, the non-happening happening might at least have given people the chance to ponder exactly what Judge Jules meant when he said "I tell you what, people will be very happy on Monday morning when the bank holiday weekend's over, because it's traditionally a physical and financial blitz , and to provide someone with a third off their budget for a typical bank holiday weekend, particularly a bank holdiay that falls so soon after the last one, I think we at Radio 1 are going to be quite popular with people's bank managers and their pockets in general."
Radio One quite popular with pockets then. Is it Jules' party lifestyle that means he hasn't actually got the concept of a bank holiday weekend stretching for three days, do you think?

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