Friday, May 02, 2003

PAIN AND TORTURE... THAT'S THE TUNE: Interesting email from Jona, who raised an interesting point about the version of Hail To The Thief that the nme reviewed last week: speaking of which, if the nme reviewed the album last week, was that the finished version or the internet one? if it's the finished one, they must have got it only about 2-3 weeks after the internet one was out, which to me doesn't sound like enough time for the tracks to be as different as the band were protesting at the time. maybe they were hoping we'd all forget.
but it is crap.

Jona also furnished us with a copy of the email that the band are sending out to the people they believe have been trying to flog tickets on the interweb, which is slightly scary:

you are receiving this email, as we believe you have previously put some Radiohead tickets up for auction on ebay against the terms and conditions of sale.

If we have already cancelled your order, please disregard this email.

We are aware that many auctions have been stopped voluntarily and this is much appreciated.

However, in order to ensure real fans are able to get tickets at a realistic price, we will be holding your tickets for you to collect at the box office.

To collect your tickets you will need photo ID, and you should aim to arrive with your entire party.

For example, if you have purchased four tickets, there will need to be three other people collecting them with you .

You will be escorted into the venue when you receive your tickets.

Tickets will not be issued to anyone other than the original purchaser, i.e YOU !

We apologise unreservedly if this causes you any inconvenience, but hope you will appreciate that we are working in the interest of Radiohead fans.

So, purely on the basis of a suspiscion, if you're on their shit list you have to ensure your party all arrive at the same time at the venue - let's hope there's nobody coming from somewhere else in the country - and then you'll get frogmarched into the venue like naughty schoolchildren. Will the Bad Children have to wear some sort of identifying mark as well, Thom?
And how is throttling off the supply of tickets to touts outside the venue going to be in the interests of Radiohead fans? if the tickets they're quaratining are tout-owned, then all Radiohead are doing are decreasing the supply for sale outside the venue, and thereby actually forcing the prices up. Treating your actual fans like shit AND helping the touts make a bigger profit - well done, radiohead. Can't wait till Thom gets his dream of being Prime Minister and see that sort of planning in action on a nationwide scale...

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