Wednesday, May 21, 2003

SWEET HOME ALABAMA: What level of spite and hatred would you have to have eating away at your soul to campaign to have a statue taken down and buried? If you need a clue, you could visit Bury Hank Williams Snr, the web presence of a group who want Montgomery, Ala to rip down its tribute to Hank because he was a drinker and abused drugs. "Surely there are more fitting heroes from Montgomery?" they wail - although, apart from being the capital of the Confederacy, Montgomery doesn't have very much going for it - you can go and see Hitler's typewriter nearby, apparently, and they did give the world Nat 'King' Cole, but other than that, it's a bit thin on the remarkables. And even if Montgomery had been like a latter-day Athens, a soft, lush land from which sprang thinkers, doers and visionaries, to not find a space to provide a reminder of a son who brought great pleasure despite his enormous personal miseries - how could such a city feel it deserved its past?
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