Saturday, May 10, 2003

VIDEOWATCH: We're enjoying watching the new radiohead video (constantly on upon MTV2, under an 'exclusive' banner) which features Thom Yorke wandering about a wood - at first like that Metz judderman commercial from a few years back. Then he peers through a window and watches all the creatures of the wood having tea. I suspect it might be an idea lifted wholesale from CS Lewis. Whatever, it dearly makes you wish that Thom had stuck to his promise not to make videos.
Meanwhile, there's also that Blur video cropping up a lot at the moment - the one which uses bits of Correspondent cut up to show a US marine moping about on a boat. What nobody seems to have picked up on is how this seems to be Damon Albarn having his apple pie and eating it - it could be read as an attempt to explore the human dimension of conflict - she's just a person, too, dragged far away from home by the demands of her President's foreign policy, missing her boy, in something bigger than she can control. On the other hand, it does all this while being - to the eye unaware of Damon's stance - a video that could seem to be standing on a chair in a baseball field chanting "USA! USA! USA!", showing one of our brave boys - erm, girls - doing a difficult job in difficult circumstances, suffering to help them iraqis come to their senses and make the world a safer place. In other words, it could be comfortably shown in the US without any trace of a nasty, career hobbling anti-war sentiment. Shrewd, but perhaps a bit cowardly.

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