Monday, June 23, 2003

AND THE LORD DID SMITE THE FILESHARERS: From The Book of Hatch: In that time the record makers did worry that the sharers of files would destroy their profits. And the record makers did come to the house of Orrin Hatch, and they did say:
'Orrin, you are a reasonable man. If the sharers of the files do not stop their work, we shall be destitute.'
And Orrin did hear their troubles, abd being a reasonable man, did consider their woes.
He called upon the lawmakers to use their power and smite, saying:
"When a man loads down the chants of Christina of Aguilera and makes no recompense to the keeper of her copyrights, then the Lord should be given free hand to destroy the computer used to enable that cruel abuse. As it is taught - if thine right eye offends thee, then pluck it out - so, if their hard drive is misbegotten, then put the computer beyond use. For that is how the lesson of the copyright has been taught, and must be taught, and shall be taught."

Okay, we're just adding the biblical gloss - and, to be fair to Hatch, he does say "yeah, if we can do something else, great; otherwise - smash their infernal machines." Even so, the man is clearly dangerous.

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