Monday, June 23, 2003

THAT BT-YAHOO LINK-UP: So, this is partly designed because BT has decided that it doesn't want to do content - again. (Seriously, it's been like a bloody hokey cokey with it rushing in and pulling out of content provision). And so Yahoo is going to provide the meat and gravy and BT will merely carry the plates and do the washing up. In today's New Media Guardian piece on the deal, they mention that one of the things Yahoo is bringing with it is the Launch service.
Which raises a question about the future of Dotmusic, surely? Because if Yahoo are the content half of the new donkey, and they already have a fairly well-liked music and download service, what exactly is the point of the BT-owned equivalent? Maybe they'll fold the two services together, or perhaps they'll sell Dotmusic on (again). Or perhaps it'll just be junked. Yes, we know that's not actually a prediction so much as a run-through of possible scenarios. We're not\bloody psychic.

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