Tuesday, June 24, 2003

BOTNEY: Alan Yentob was an amiable guest on Phil Jupitus' breakfast show this morning on 6 Music, talking about his arts series on BBC1 (Imagine - and let's hope that's silenced the critics that say you have to know the right people to get a series commissioned on BBC Television; if Alan Yentob can do it, why, anyone can). He's doing a show on rap in the current run, apparently, attending The Hip Hop Confrence - not a scary prospect for a man who held up the Manchester end of Greg Dyke's Big Conversation - and hanging out with Eminem. Amusingly, Eminem apparently was keen to be interviewed by the man who's the boss of the man who's the boss of the man who's the boss of Tim Westwood. Never mind that Westwood is more posh than Yentob himself...

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