Sunday, June 29, 2003

******************: DMX has been arrested for swearing. While this seems as unfair as detaining a country singer for bringing down the mood in a concert hall, he was warned that St Kitts and Nevis had a law forbidding bad language. His manager seems to have a bit of a misunderstanding how laws work, saying that although he was told about the law he never said he was going to tone down his act and - besides - his fans would expect swearing. Yeah, because that's what laws are like. If someone says "Don't steal that teapot, it's against the law", you have a valid defence if you don't actually say out loud you're going to obey that law. I see.

And let's ponder for a moment how shit a rapper must be to be scared his audience would demand a refund because he didn't say Motherfucker. He believe his audience haven't come to hear him being able to deliver funny and clever spontaneous rhymes on a range of subjects, but merely the novelty of a guy swearing? Does this mean if he'd come on, said "Fuck, bollocks, cunt, wank, shitter, poke, anus, titties, fuckity fuck", then everyone would have gone home happy after those few words? (It does work for the never-funny Roy 'Chubby' Brown, doesn't it?)

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